Bindi's Dog Blog

In order to understand the intention of Bindi's Dog Blog, we first need to get to know Bindi. Bindi is a border collie x pug mix (DNA tested) that I rescued at 12 weeks old from a lovely rescue group in California in 2010. She has taught me so many things throughout her life, but her biggest accomplishment so far is showing me just how wrong I was with my dog training methods and philosophy. Today, I'd like to say that I am much more enlightened and knowledgeable, but as any good trainer knows - there is always room for improvement.

My goal for Bindi's Dog Blog is to tell the dog enthusiasts, pet professionals, dog owners, and members of the community about all the things that Bindi wishes I knew then and is thankful that I know now. I hope you enjoy learning from my crossover story, and I am eager to hear your thoughts on the various topics that will be provided through the life and growth of this blog. Thanks for checking this out and helping your pups become Pawsitively Trained!

Question #3: Is the dog giving consent?

June 5, 2019

How often do you let people touch you without giving them consent? How often do you let people touch your children without giving consent? How often do you let people touch your stuff without giving consent? How often do you let people touch your dog without giving consent? How often does your dog let people touch them without giving consent? ...[Read More]

Question #2: Is the dog comfortable?

June 5, 2019

Let’s talk about stress. In these blog posts, I tend to over simplify many concepts to make the information more accessible to more people. Also, this blog is not designed to be a study of the science, but more of a general guide to help others not make all the same mistakes that I did when I didn’t know what I know now ...[Read More]

Question #1: Is the dog calm?

June 5, 2019

When asking questions, we need to actually wait for the answers. Often, when working with animals, we focus so much on “commands” and “obedience” and “subordinance” that we completely forget to ask permission. No one, human or animal, should be forced to do something against their will, especially when they could just as easily be taught how to participate willingly ...[Read More]

Want to vs Have to: Part 2 AKA Body Handling

February 27, 2019

What is body handling and why is it important? Body handling is being able to touch the dog all over, sometimes in slightly invasive or uncomfortable ways, to do various procedures like nail trims, vet exams, blood draws, baths, wiping muddy paws, restraining for grooming, etc ...[Read More]

Want to vs Have to: Part 1

February 27, 2019

I can be a bit of a homebody. I enjoy my own space and find it exceptionally relaxing to watch the dogs play through my window or sit in my garden while the kitties play underfoot. Being in a house full of animals though, means that there is constant chaos and dirt everywhere, all the time ...[Read More]

Stand Up! Teaching Positions

February 23, 2019

So, as I mentioned in the previous Stand Up! blog post, I learned a more effective way to teach Bindi how to go into the various positions I asked for, without correction, punishment, or physical pressure. This post will cover how to teach dogs new positions ...[Read More]

Stand Up! My Crossover Story

February 23, 2019

My passion for working with dogs began while raising puppies for Guide Dogs for the Blind. As a puppy raiser, I was required to go to weekly classes with the group leader and other raisers to learn all about training and raising these puppies. At the time, Guide Dogs used “traditional” training methods ...[Read More]

Bringing Home Bindi

February 22, 2019

It was February of 2010, just a few days before my birthday, and I was checking in with the dog rescue group while they were setting up their kennels for an adoption event at Petco, my workplace at the time. The rescue owner smiles at me and says “Kelsey, I have your next puppy” ...[Read More]