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tl;dr: Puppies need training ASAP! Scroll to the bottom for a list of services.

We LOVE puppies! How could you not? They are wonderful, little, fluffy, snuggly, playful, puppy breath producers, who ideally grow up to be loving, loyal companions. From breeders, to puppy owners, to trainers, to veterinarians, to groomers, to pet store staff, to daycare providers and pet sitters - it truly takes a village to raise a puppy. Having an educated village is important for the future success of these funny little furballs.

When you bring home a new puppy, be prepared for your world to be turned upside down! It is similar to bringing home a human baby; you need to feed it, clean up after it, keep it safe, introduce it to other family members, play with it, and teach it how to behave appropriately. Oh, and don't forget, "don't bite people", "don't pee on the floor", and "don't chew on that" ! Okay, maybe puppies aren't exactly like human babies, but they are still a huge responsibility and a whole lot of work. So, what can you do to best prepare yourself and help your new furry family member be a well mannered pup?

It is crucial to understand dog behavior and puppy development if you are going to be a successful puppy parent. The most important thing you can do for your new puppy is start training early! Did you know, simple training exercises can be started in puppies as young as 3-4 weeks old? Things like resource guarding, potty training, eye contact, jumping and nipping, and social skills can all be shaped from a very young age. This means that the experiences the puppy has at the breeder will effect its brain development and behavior! Knowing some of the experiences your puppy had before coming to live with you is helpful, but not every puppy was fortunate enough to be raised in an ideal setting. That's okay, you can still start training the day you bring your puppy home!

The critical socialization period ends at 12 weeks of age; this means you MUST begin socializing your puppy PRIOR to its 12 week birthday. Wait, what about vaccinations?! Puppies will not be finished with their puppy shots until around 16 weeks of age! Though we do not want to put our puppies at risk for disease, we do need to start them in a training program before their vaccinations are complete. In puppy classes, Kelsey can explain how to set up proper socialization protocol without putting our precious pups at risk. Also, during the AfterSchool Program sessions, we can begin socializing with other dogs in a safe environment to minimize risk and still take advantage of this crucial development window.

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For Puppy Owners

Kelsey has designed a puppy training program that will help your new puppy mature into the ideal canine family member. Over the years of working with hundreds of puppies and their parents, the training program has been modified and catered to provide new owners with a comprehensive guide from start to finish. Though we have many resources available, here are the recommended steps for puppy owners who are eager to have a Pawsitively Trained Dog. 

  1. Puppy Pre-K Group Course - this in-person 5-week course consists of all the lessons puppies should learn before 4 months of age ($250/Course)
  2. AfterSchool Program - this 1-hour puppy drop-off session focuses on socialization and enrichment in a safe group setting ($50/Session)
  3. Private Training - these one-on-one sessions with Kelsey will help your pup continue their training journey through a catered step-by-step approach. ($120/Session)
  4. Webinars! - we have multiple puppy focused webinars that will make raising a puppy so much easier! Check out the Welcome Home Webinar (free) and the Teething & Tantrums Webinar ($35) to start.
We HIGHLY recommend joining our Membership- this includes free access to the webinars listed above, the entire Pawsitively Trained Self-Study library, 20% off any Owner Coaching services, and the following members-only options!
    • Puppy Parent Support Group - this free, members-only monthly 1-hour live Zoom Q&A is a great place to chat with the trainer & other owners
    • Monthly Membership Socials - this members-only in-person, out in public meet up is ideal for socializing young puppies under trainer supervision

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