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Virtual Group Training

Self-Study Courses

Learn Skills in a Group Setting

Group courses are available for dogs of all ages and all skill levels. This is the best starting point for dogs who are friendly (or overly friendly) with new people and dogs. Here we address all the common behavior problems and teach your dog to be a well-behaved member of the family.

In-Person Group Courses

(Available Virtually!)

5 (1 hour) weekly class sessions held in a group setting with 4-5 dogs at the Pawsitively Trained Studio

+ online self-study course 

+ includes BONUSES (see below)

Virtual Group Courses


5 (1 hour) weekly class sessions held in a group setting through Zoom video conferencing.

+ recording of all group sessions

+ online self-study course

+ includes BONUSES (see below)

Multiple Course Levels

Puppy Pre-K: puppies under 16 weeks old

AfterSchool Program: socialization sessions at the Studio (3-6 months)

Primary School 101first step for dogs over 4 months old

PrepSchool 201Advances 101 skills

PhD 301Prep course for CGC/therapy/service

Due to COVID-19 social distancing protocols, all Group Courses will be moved to Virtual Group Courses. You will receive detailed, step-by-step emails for how to take your In-Person Group Course to a Virtual classroom AFTER you register for your 5 class sessions.

For more information on our COVID-19 protocols, or for any additional questions, please CONTACT US 

Thank you for your understanding and trust!

Enrolling in Group Courses

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Get Started in Group Training

Group Training Course: includes 5 1-hour sessions + Online Self-Study Course

$250/Course Level

Group Training Package: includes 3 (5-week) Group Courses, 3 online courses, 1 Private Training Session, handouts, notes, & demo videos. 

Plus, "Pack Members" can add Training Walks, Group Courses, or Private Sessions to their training program for 20% off, after purchasing a training package!

$700 Package

Why Choose a Pawsitively Trained Group Course?

Courses have been carefully developed to help you achieve your training goals easily and cost-effectively. You will receive a ton of added bonuses to make sure your program stays on track, plus the trainer will work directly with you and your dog every step of the way. Our goal is to help you turn your dog into the well-behaved canine companion you are looking for. Check out the bonus features of our programs in the points below.

Small Class Sizes

Group courses consist of 4-5 dogs and their handlers, allowing for individual attention for everyone in class. Each session will consist of lecture, demos, and trainer-guided practice of every behavior.

Controlled Environment

In-Person courses are held in a 1,000 sq. ft., clean, private, training studio, and Virtual courses are held in your own home. Both settings are perfect for young puppies who may not be fully vaccinated, and ideal for a focused learning environment.

Learn Life Skills

Group courses provide a chance for your dog to socialize and learn how to focus around new people and other dogs. Courses cover the skills needed for dogs to become ideal family pets, as well as calm and confident in public, around distractions.

Rolling Schedule

You can start the group courses anytime there is space available! No need to coordinate with specific start dates. Attend all 5 class sessions consecutively to receive each lecture topic.

Check out our supplemental Group Training Sessions! 

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AfterSchool Program: catered socialization, training, and play sessions for puppies 3-6 months old. (drop-off your puppy at the Studio)

Puppy Parent Support Group: free Zoom chat with the trainer to talk about dog stuff. (available for clients with dogs of any age)

Online Self-Study Courses

All Group Courses come with a (FREE) corresponding Online Self-Study Course. You will receive access to your free course when you begin your Group Training Sessions. If you would like access prior to your class start date, simply contact us!

View the course catalog to learn more about the Self-Study courses. You can also purchase the Self-Study courses independently of the Group Course, if you prefer to cover the material at home without trainer support.

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