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The answer to all of your dog training questions!

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Dog ownership can be ruff - you don't have to do it alone!

Enjoy "Pack Member" perks, discussions with the trainer, instant access to training content, discounts on services, and social opportunities with like-minded pet owners.

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Perks of Becoming a Pack Member

Whether you have a puppy or an adult dog, are new to training or are an experienced dog person, have a busy schedule or lots of dedicated dog time, enjoy self-paced learning or in-person coaching, there is really something for everyone in this membership.

Pet Parent Support Group

Look, pet parenting is hard! You don't have to do it alone. Join us every month for a live, virtual Q&A to chat with the trainer and enjoy the rich conversation with other dog owners. These sessions are recorded to re-watch at any time.

Included with Membership

Community Discussion

We like to talk about all things dog related. Likely you do to (that's why you're here, right?). The members-only Pawsitively Trained Community Discussion Group is just the place to continue the conversation with a supportive community.

Included with Membership

Monthly Socials

Meet with the trainer and other Pack Members out in public for training time, meet and greets, and a little socialization (for the dogs and the people). Maybe dinner at an outdoor patio? Maybe a group hike? Maybe a walk in the park? Check in to see where this month's event may be!

Included with Membership

Entire Video Library

Pack Members get access to the WHOLE THING! Yeah, ALL OF IT!

Levels Courses - check! Webinars - check! Bonus videos - check! Q&A recordings - check! New and exclusive content - check!

As long as you're a member you can watch any video, any time, anywhere, as many times as you'd like. Pretty cool...

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Owner Coaching

Whether you would like to learn privately, in a group, virtually, or in person, we have the perfect fit for your program. That's right, in person sessions are available for select Pack Members! For more info, scroll to "How it Works". Members receive 20% off all owner coaching sessions and can schedule sessions at any time.

Learn About Training Programs

Dog Training

Sometimes your pup just needs the focused attention of the trainer. Members can enroll their dogs in Training Walks or the AfterSchool Program and enjoy the time off while their dog is learning from the expert. Plus, these sessions are 20% off for Pack Members!

Learn About Training Programs

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Don't worry, we're here to help you. The membership perks are just that - perks. You don't have to commit to anything. That's the beauty of it! Go at your own pace, schedule sessions at your leisure, ask questions as you have them, watch videos whenever the motivation hits. Plus, you can start or cancel your Membership anytime!!

We'll be here when you're ready.

Enrolling in the Membership

We want you to LOVE being a Pack Member. If you have questions or feedback about our membership program, let us know!

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Monthly Membership: includes entire training video library, monthly virtual live Q&A with the trainer, monthly social outing with the trainer, access to in-person coaching and training sessions, 20% discount on all services, and access to training handouts, session recordings, notes, and demo videos.


How it Works

The human "Pack Members" have access to all the things all the time. If you are enrolled in the membership, you can watch video content, book sessions, attend events, etc.

The dog "Pack Members" can attend in-person sessions and socials as they progress through the training program. In-person session prerequisites are in place so every dog and human member of our Pawsitively Trained Pack has a positive and successful learning experience.


Puppies under 6 months old can get started with the Puppy Pre-K Course and all other useful training content right away! Even before coming to classes!

Puppies can also attend all Monthly Socials and can sign up for the AfterSchool Program or Training Walks. This is excellent for your puppy socialization plan!

New Pack Members

If you're new to Pawsitively Trained, this membership will be an amazing step forward in your training program. 

Our video library allows you to search through ANY topic and find videos instantly to help you problem solve your pet's behavior. Plus, having access to the trainer and the rest of membership community is priceless!

Pawsitively Trained Alumni

If you have completed sessions or courses with Pawsitively Trained, this membership will allow you to continue progressing with your dog. 

Training is for life! Meet with Kelsey to join her on her training journey with her dogs and see how much you can accomplish with your own!

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Something for Everyone!

All Pack Members have access to the entire video library and virtual owner coaching options. No matter your location or schedule, we can help you meet your training goals.

Don't want to bring your dog to a social event? No problem! Just bring yourself! I guarantee you will learn something and have positive experiences with other Pack Members, whether or not your canine companion comes along.

Want to involve your entire family? Excellent! All the human members of the family can participate in membership services. All we ask is that children do not pet or approach other dogs unless the trainer gives permission while at social events.