More Training Options!

There are many ways to continue your training education. Check out the options below!

Comfort K9 Program

This is a unique program, created by Kelsey, in which puppies are co-raised with emergency responders as therapy dogs. These puppies need community members, trained by Kelsey, to train and socialize them before beginning their careers as working dogs. Click below to learn more about the program and/or be involved!

Comfort K9


Single topic seminars are often offered at the Pawsitively Trained Studio. These seminars are open to the public and focus on specific topics and training techniques that effect the average pet owner. Seminars are for humans only, and are offered at a very cost-effective rate.


Social Media and Blog

Pawsitively Trained has an active Facebook and Instagram for the public, Facebook Discussion Group for enrolled clients, and detailed Blog for the dog enthusiasts. Please check out all of these options for a plethora of free information.

Online Courses & Written Material

There are tons of lessons available through Pawsitively Trained Online Self-Study Courses and handouts, detailing a variety of topics, from making your own food puzzles, to teaching basic obedience skills, to working with a reactive dog. Handouts are included for free with all Pawsitively Trained purchases, and complimentary Online Self-Study Courses are included with Package and Group Course purchases.

Free Events

Pawsitively Trained often hosts free, social and educational, events. Interested in playing with puppies? Check out the Puppy Parties... Interested in chatting with the trainer over drinks? Check out the Puppy Parent Support Group... Events will always be posted to the Pawsitively Trained Facebook page, as well as in the Facebook Discussion Group. If you would like to be on a notification list outside of Facebook, email us today.