Online Single Topic Series

The Single Topic Series puts all of the recommended training games and exercises for a specific behavioral issue in one place. Many dogs have the basics mastered, but need training focus in individual areas. If you are needing concentrated information to address a particular topic, these courses are for you. Courses in this series typically take 1-2 hours to complete.

All courses compliment each other. The FOCUS Series creates a solid foundation for effective communication with your dog and the Levels Series covers all of the skills needed to be successful creating the ideal family pet or working dog.

All courses come with access to a private, members only, Facebook discussion group. Join the group for free video and content, as well as to discuss training questions, successes, and struggles directly with the trainer and with peers in the program.

Click the course cards below to be redirected to the Pawsitively Trained Online site. This site requires login and password to enroll in courses, but is not linked to your account for "in person" training, so will require new profile and payment information.