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In-Person Private Training

Virtual Private Training

Training Walks

Catered, Custom Training Programs

This program caters the training to meet your individual needs. Whether you are working on a specific behavior issue, would prefer individual dog/handler attention, or have the time restrictions of a hectic schedule, Private Training allows us to achieve all of your training goals easily and efficiently.

In-Person Private Training

(Available Virtually!)

Meet with Certified Dog Trainer, Kelsey Weber, in the Pawsitively Trained Studio to learn how to work towards your training goals with your dog.

+ check out the Private Training Package for a comprehensive program to fast-track results

Home Assessments are available for existing clients within our service area. (+$30 visit fee)

Virtual Private Training


All the same benefits and structure of In-Person Training, except sessions are held through video conferencing from the comfort of your own home!

+ sessions are able to be recorded for you to refer back to any time throughout your program!

+ check out the Virtual Training Package for a comprehensive program to fast-track results

Training Walks

Supplement for existing clients

Owners are not present on training walks - let your pup go have a fun, productive session and let the Trainer do all the work!

+ check out the Training Walk Packages for added bonuses and discounts

One-on-One Walks

(Still Available!)

Two-by-Two Walks

(Currently Unavailable)

Due to COVID-19 social distancing protocols, all In-Person Private Training will be moved to Virtual Private Training. Schedule your sessions by emailing us and purchase the Virtual sessions through your online account. You will recieve detailed, step-by-step emails for how to take your In-Person Training to a Virtual classroom AFTER you schedule your sessions.

One-on-One Training Walks ARE still available!

For more information on our COVID-19 protocols, or for any additional questions, please CONTACT US 

Thank you for your understanding and trust!

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Perks of Private Training

Learn Life Skills

Our goal is to make life with your dog struggle-free. Through easy, effective, efficient, and enjoyable exercises, we will help you transform your dog from a "problem pooch" to a Pawsitively Trained Dog.

Catered Training Programs

Every private session focuses on the specific training needs of the dog and the handler. Sessions will cover the exact tips, tricks, and techniques needed to turn your "problem pooch" into a Pawsitively Trained Dog. 

Comfortable Atmosphere

 Private sessions allow you to freely discuss your struggles, concerns, accomplishments, and progress individually with the trainer. Discussions are centered around making sure you have the best chance of success with your dog.

Accommodates Any Dog

From anxiety to aggression, puppy raising to training in public, private sessions will teach you and your dog all of the skills needed to meet your training goals. Each session will consist of lecture, demos, and trainer-guided practice of every behavior.

Virtual Private Training

Meet with Kelsey online to learn all the dog training tips, tricks, and techniques from the comfort of your own home. Sessions are held in a Zoom meeting. You will receive an easy to use link to access our sessions, no tech skills needed!

We want to make your training program struggle-free. With Virtual sessions, simply login to our scheduled session from your laptop or smartphone! There is no doubt that the reduced distractions by working with your dog at home will accelerate their learning so that once you're ready to test your skills in public, you’ll be able to confidently control your canine.

During Virtual Sessions, we are able to cover any dog training topic needed: from socializing your puppy, to addressing aggression, to solving pesky problem behaviors. You will receive explanations, demonstrations, answers to questions, and feedback for each exercise - just like you would in-person! 

Virtual Training Session: includes 1-hour session (held via Zoom in a video conference format) and recording of session


Virtual Private Training Package: includes 6 Virtual Private Training Sessions, recordings of training sessions, customized online course, handouts, notes, demo videos, & trainer feedback in between scheduled sessions.

$620 Package

In-Person Private Training Session: includes 1 hour session in the Pawsitively Trained Studio


In-Person Private Training Package: includes 6 Private Training Sessions, customized online course, handouts, notes, demo videos, & trainer feedback in between scheduled sessions. 

$800 Package

Plus, "Pack Members" can add Training Walks, Group Courses, or Private Sessions to their program for 20% off, after purchasing a training package!

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Why add Training Walks?

Practicing in Public

Training walks allow your dog to learn how to apply training skills in public settings and in distracting environments. Walks will be in new places outside of your neighborhood to add variety and enrichment to your dog's training program.

Individualized Attention

One on One walks allow for 1 handler to walk 1 dog. Two by Two walks allow for 2 handlers to walk 2 dogs. We will never walk large packs, where the human attention is divided and distracted. Each dog will receive individual attention throughout the entirety of the training session.

Strengthen Social Skills

Whether the dog is nervous around strangers, barky at other dogs, or a wiggly mess when meeting new friends, training walks will focus on enhancing the social skills of every dog to progress towards a calm, confident canine companion.

Fast-Track Results

It is a lot of work to train the perfect pooch! Allow the trainer to take some of the burden off your shoulders. Training walks enable the trainer to teach your dog the needed skills, so you can maintain them at home, providing a great supplement to private or group training sessions. 

One-on-One Training Walk: includes 1 hour walk with Certified Trainer in an off-site location


One-on-One Walk Package: includes 6 One-on-One Walks, Self-Study Online Course, handouts, notes, & demo videos.

$500 Package

Two-by-Two Training Walk: includes 1 hour walk with Certified Trainer, second client dog, and Training Assistant in an off-site location. All Two-by-Two dogs must be dropped off and picked up at the Pawsitively Trained Studio.


Two-by-Two Walk Package: includes 6 Two-by-Two Walks, Self-Study Online Course, handouts, notes, & demo videos. 

$400 Package

Plus, "Pack Members" can add Training Walks, Group Courses, or Private Sessions to their program for 20% off, after purchasing a training package!

Which Walks are Best?

One-on-Ones allow the trainer to focus the entire session on the training exercises that will most benefit that dog's training program. This is a good option for any dog that needs some supplemental training time and all training skills are able to be addressed while the dog is spending solo time with the trainer.

Two-by-Twos allow the trainer(s) to focus on the dog's social skills with other dogs, leash skills, and out in public skills. This option is only available for dogs who have been approved to join the Two-by-Two walk schedule. In order to be approved, the trainer has to first meet the dog in person, and the dog must be friendly with new dogs and new people.

Add Training Walks!