Training Programs

Our training programs are designed to help you create a well-behaved canine companion through efficient, easy to implement training techniques. Our focus is to help you achieve your training goals through the use of updated, humane, and effective methods and strategies, improving the bond and communication between you and your dog. We will never use questionable methods or corrective tools that leave you feeling like a bad pet parent. At Pawsitively Trained we always want pets and parents to have enjoyable and rewarding experiences together, all while helping you create a harmonious household.

From Puppy to Family Dog to Working Partner

We do it all! At Pawsitively Trained, we just love helping dog people with their canine companions. Whether you are getting a new puppy (or they have already arrived and you're wondering if you've made a huge mistake!), you have a dog who has a few "problem behaviors" that are making life difficult, or you have big plans of titles and certifications (Emotional Support Animal, Service Dog, or Therapy Dog, to name a few), you're in the right place.

We prioritize the dog-human relationship and the emotional wellness of every member (human and non human) of the household. The training process is not about creating a subordinate creature, but rather building a skillset to set up successful interactions, that will last a lifetime.

Start Training!

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Paws for Responders, LLC

Also, check out our sister company, Paws for Responders, LLC! This program raises and trains puppies to become Comfort K9s for emergency responders facilities. Click the button below for more information!

Paws for Responders, LLC